Why do I make dot to dots?  The same reason people climb mount Everest, because it’s there. It’s the challenge that drives us forward to achieve the unachievable. This is exactly what began my saga: While paraprofessionaling at a school I noticed many people partaking in  dot to doting. The only problem was they always finished with boring pictures that didn’t even look good. Young minds always are thinking and creating. As a result, it was only a matter of time before someone tried to make their own dot to dot. I laughed at their measly creations and thought to myself,  “I could easily do better”. Weeks later it haunted me, “Could I really do better?” “Prove it”, said the voice in the back of my head. I went home and spent five hours making my first dot to dot. Only one person finished it after they found it on the ground and didn’t know what it was a picture of. A little discouraged I went back at it the next night. I had to make it easier so people would finish it and make sure the picture would be recognizable.  Five hours later I had yet another creation. Same result this time, except no one finished this one. I went at it again the next week learning from my mistakes. This time a picture of the Kung Fu Panda and bigger font to make it easier. Third time was the charm. Everyone liked it and I quickly ran out of the copies I had made. Like a baby getting its first taste of sugar, I was hooked. Right as It was just beginning It ended. I was no longer a paraprofessional, but instead a teacher. I moved to a different school and parted with my fan base. I vowed to make a website so I could continue to reach not only them, but everyone else. It has been two years since I decided to make a dot to dot website and here it finally is. Enjoy!

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  1. These are great! My mom loves dot to dot . She is going to be 85, so presents are a challenge. I have found some books but not many. Thanks for sharing your talent.

  2. Love your site! I love dot-to-dots. I have made some of famous people that I have posted on Teachers Pay Teachers. I will try out some of yours with my students. I teacher alternative high school kids and they love dot-to-dots but often cannot stay focused until the end. I think they will really enjoy yours. Thanks for this great site!

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