Dot to Dots based on super heroes and villains.



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NameDifficulty Number of DotsDate Added
Batman4 - Hard5545/13/14
Hulk4 - Hard5325/13/14
Iron Man5 - Extreme7105/13/14
Superman3 - Intermediate5505/13/14
Captain America4 - Hard4625/23/14
Wolverine4 - Hard5456/17/15
Bane (Batman)5 - Extreme7526/28/16
Donatello (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)5 - Extreme6377/7/16

3 thoughts on “Super Heroes and Villains

  1. We are doing your dot 2 dot in my high school Geometry class. The kids had a question about #177 on Batman. Can you clarify the location for them? Is it the dot that appears sort of stray above #165?

    • Number 177 is the dot Is above and to the left of 165. I don’t know why it was so far away. I Will update the one on the website to be more clear. Thanks for using the dot to dots and let me know if you have any more problems.

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