Dot to dots based on Pokemon.



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NameDifficultyNumber of DotsDate Added
Bulbasaur2 - Medium3545/13/14
Charizard4 - Hard7205/13/14
Jolteon2 - Medium3465/13/14
Pikachu2 - Medium2965/13/14
Rattata2 - Medium3545/13/14
Starmie1 - Easy3075/13/14
Staryu1 - Easy2405/13/14
Weedle2 - Medium3045/13/14
Charimander1 - Easy3035/28/14
Squirtle1 - Easy2805/28/14
Mewtwo3 - Intermediate4016/16/15
Eevee2 - Medium34310/14/16
Gardevoir3 - Intermediate2663/30/17

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